7 Reasons to Be Friends Before You Date

The idea of dating is intimidating to many: forced conversations over dinner, uncertainty about your date and the pressure to make an instant connection all add up. It’s not easy to fall in love! Recent research shows it might actually be beneficial for couples to be friends before making the leap to an “official” relationship. This is just one of the reasons we encourage our clients to move at the pace they feel comfortable – even (and especially) if that means building your relationship on the foundation of friendship. We’ve compiled just a few reasons it might actually be a good idea to befriend your date before getting romantic.

1) You Can Relax

There is no need to stand on ceremony when you date someone you’ve known for a while. You’re already familiar with each other’s preferences and quirks, and maybe you even find those small details endearing. It’s easier to enjoy a fancy dinner out on the town when you’re comfortable with your date.

2)You Already Have a Rapport

You and your best friends have inside jokes. You understand each other’s humor, you know their background, and you know when it’s time to be serious. Many first dates between strangers are spent trying to build up a rapport and make that instant connection, but you already have a head start! Forget the small talk. Your first “official” date can be spent talking about things that really matter to both of you.

3) You Enjoy Each Other’s Company

There is never any doubt that you and your date will have an amazing time out together because you always do! This is someone whose company you genuinely enjoy. You appreciate the same topics, and one of you always brings something new to the table. This isn’t an obligation – it’s a partnership between two people who really want to be with each other.

4) Your Friends Already Approve

You’ve been friends with your date for a while and, chances are, they’ve already been to a few parties, mingled with your tribe, and met some key players in your life. Your friends and family have weighed in and probably like your friend-turned-romantic interest already. In fact, introducing a potential love interest to the crew before things get serious can help avoid that awkward meet-the-parents feeling later. Everyone already has an established rapport, so there is no need for awkward introductions.

5) Move at Your Own Pace

When you meet a stranger for the first time with the understanding that this introduction is supposed to precede a relationship, there is an expectation that you are supposed to have an instant connection – or build one before that first date is over. The truth is that it’s rare for people to be “on” all the time, which makes it tough to manufacture an impeccable first impression. If you’re friends with your date first, you don’t have the added pressure of being romantic on the first date. You can spend time together and choose to move forward with things when you’re ready.

6) There Are No Secrets

You will never have to pretend to like Thai food or romantic comedies because your partner already knows what you like and don’t like. Furthermore, if you try to lie, it’s pretty likely they’ll know your tells, too. It’s like in poker: if you’re bluffing, you might play with your hair or rub your nose. Those same tells are your real-life lie detectors. Your partner’s already caught on, so there’s no reason to pretend they don’t know what’s going on.

7) Your Best Friend and Your Significant Other are One in The Same

This one should be obvious, but one of the biggest benefits of being friends before dating is that you’re friends and boyfriend/girlfriend. There is no awkward dynamic where you have to text your best friend for advice because your best friend is sitting right there across the table from you. This is the ultimate dream team!

Dating is hard, but our matchmaking services make it easy to find a best friend you can really relate to – even before you fall in love. It’s never too soon to meet new people and practice your social skills. Think of each date like a low-pressure introduction. You’re meeting someone new, but perhaps this person could also become a really close friend before anything else evolves. The key is to move at your own pace and allow the relationship to take form organically. Ready to explore your options? Reach out to your own personal matchmaker today and receive custom matches just for you!