7 Essentials of a Successful Relationship

Before committing to someone, it is important for both individuals to fully understand what it will take to make the relationship successful. Both parties must first be in the right frame of mind. At Kelleher International, we understand the leap of faith that someone takes when they commit to another person. In order to help alleviate some of the concerns that come along with a new relationship, we offer these seven essentials of a successful relationship:
1. Compromise – When an individual is single, it is easy for them to go about their daily routine without hesitation. However, in a relationship, it suddenly becomes necessary to think and be considerate of someone else as well. This requires compromise. Compromise is essential for a successful relationship in that it allows both partners to meet in the middle. Compromise might be necessary in order to determine what activity to do for the evening, where to spend a vacation, when to meet the family, which tasks should be done by whom, etc.

2. Communicate – As much as we may think they can, our partners cannot read our minds. This means that constant communication is necessary in any relationship. If your partner does something you do not appreciate, it becomes crucial to express those concerns verbally. Accordingly, if your partner does something that you love, be sure to tell them. Open communication is key to remaining on the same page as one another.

3. Stay healthy – A healthy relationship requires both individuals to lead healthy lives themselves. Encourage one another to eat nutritiously, get active, receive enough sleep, and so on. When both partners take care of themselves, they will be better equipped to help take care of and inspire one another.

4. Maintain other relationships – While a new relationship is both exhilarating and consuming, it is important to ensure that time is still allotted for friends and family. This gives the couple chance to miss one another every now and then. It also ensures that other loved ones do not suddenly feel distant. Maintaining these close ties is essential for both partners. In any romantic relationship, both people need to be able to make time to spend with others. This helps preserve a sense of individuality.

5. Have fun – Too often relationships get bogged down by the stresses of everyday life. In order to make the most of each day, it is important to actually enjoy one another’s company. Have fun together. Make time to laugh with one another, go on adventures, and surprise your partner. Doing so will encourage both individuals to be happy and less stressed. There is no better person to have a fun evening with than your significant other. There are several ways to do so, including the following:

a. Try a new activity
b. Go to a comedy show
c. Get your partner an unexpected gift
d. Escape for a weekend
e. Dance together

6. Trust – Without trust, a relationship can crumble. Both parties need to have complete faith in their partner. This means trusting them wholeheartedly. If someone doubts or does not believe their significant other, it will cause issues that are, more often than not, irreparable.

7. Address personal factors – In a committed relationship, it is important to let your partner in. This means that discussions should be had about the more personal details that could have been left out while dating. For instance, the couple should cover finances, morals and values, beliefs, etc. These are significant factors that help make someone who they are. In order for a couple to grow together, they need to be fully aware these things.

Whether you are ready to find the right one, are already in a new relationship, or have been in a long-term relationship, we hope that these tips can help. Transitioning from single to committed takes work. Any relationship takes patience, cooperation, and an open mind to be successful. For more relationship advice, please feel free to contact us today.