10 Reasons to Keep Dating After 40

Anyone over the age of 40 could probably tell a few stories about a time when they were age-shamed for seeking love outside of the “typical” 20 to 30-something window. It’s a common misconception that anyone still single after a certain age is undesirable, rather than someone who chose instead to focus on their career, travel or personal passions. Our matchmakers have worked with enough clients to know that people follow many different journeys in life and none are really better or worse than the others. Everything depends on your personal priorities and goals in life. This is why our matchmaking agency is devoted to helping couples find lasting relationships with someone who really understands them. In fact, there are quite a few benefits to dating after the age of 40.

1) It’s Better the Second Time Around

Your first marriage is a time of discovery. Divorced Girl Smiling’s Jackie Pilossoph recognizes that most people either love marriage or hate it – but both types of people can change their minds if they are given a “do-over” with the right person. The second time around can be sweeter, less stressful, and happier overall.

2) Confidence

True love knows no age limit. Some of the most attractive people our matchmakers have met weren’t young playboys with expensive cars – they were older singles who loved and accepted themselves. Age gives us more time to love and appreciate ourselves so that others can see our value, too. Self-confidence honed over several decades is a powerful thing!

3) Quality Matches

Our matchmakers often have a better time locating quality dates for our clients if they are over the age of 40. It’s true: the overall dating pool in this age group is smaller, but the singles that are available have often spent a great deal of time focused on personal or professional growth. These are the hidden gems of the dating world.

4) Priorities Are in Check

By the time you reach the age of 40, you know the difference between the “small stuff” and things that really matter in a relationship. After all, when you spend 40 years (or more) looking for a good listener, the color of their hair doesn’t matter so much. Our matchmakers take physical preferences into account, but it’s the soft skills and inherent personality traits that really build the foundation for strong relationships.

5) Secure Lifestyles

Younger couples spend a lot of time trying to “find themselves.” Generally, dating after age 40 frees you from dating someone who isn’t established or doesn’t know what they want out of life. Middle age is usually a very secure time in a person’s life where family, career and geographic location are stable. This contributes to higher quality relationships with real potential to last long-term.

6) Build Faith in True Love

Just because you haven’t found your soulmate yet doesn’t mean that person isn’t out there somewhere. Dating into your 40s, 50s and beyond is more than just a continued search for happiness – it’s affirmation that you have faith in true love and will not give up until you get it.

7) Low Pressure

First dates put both parties on uncertain ground, but chances are high that you’ve done this song and dance before. You know how to navigate small talk and get to the important details that really matter in a relationship. Dates that didn’t work out in the past were just practice for the one relationship that will last.

8) Kids Are a Good Thing

Moms and dads are sexy; that’s how they got to be parents in the first place! Parenting is no small feat – it requires dedication, responsibility and the ability to put someone else’s needs before your own. These are all attractive traits to have in a romantic relationship. Parents should always be proud of their parenting skills because these are the same characteristics that will serve them well in their next relationship.

9) Less Wasted Time

Most singles over 40 have been in the dating game before and they do not enjoy it there. They have learned to identify good matches on the first date and will not tolerate bad behavior from singles who haven’t quite figured it out yet. This means less time with people who aren’t right for you – and more time with people who have real relationship potential.

10) It’s All About You

Couples over 40 are generally more established and have a better grasp on what it takes to make a relationship work. Their children are typically at an age where they are more independent and don’t require constant attention. This means there is more time for singles to focus on themselves and creating a satisfying love life. It’s okay to get a little selfish with your relationship – this is the one thing that is all about you and your partner. Enjoy it!

Relationships after the age of 40 are completely unique and require a very specific mindset. With the right guidance, you too can finally achieve the loving relationship you have always dreamed of. Contact us today to find better quality dates.